How C.Diff Stole the Last 5 Months

Written Feb 17, 2015 | Published a bit late, sorry!

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you might have picked up on the pattern that I’ve been spending a lot of time in the hospital. As we stand now, I have spent the majority of time since August 2014 in the hospital. Constantly recurring c. diff infections have kept landing me in the hospital. My GI made the call to stop all of my UC treatment to give my body a chance in fighting the infection. In order to treat my UC I was on several immune suppressors and it’s incredibly difficult to fight a strong infection that way.

Though I’m grateful to say that I’ve finally beat my infection, I still haven’t been approved for restarting treatment and the fear of ending up back in the hospital is constantly lurking. In this time, I’ve been abandoned by the few good doctors I’ve found due to being a patient difficult to treat due to my constant hospitalizations. If you’re thinking that it is incredibly backwards that a doctor would drop me because I’m so sick that it require constant care, well, join the club. I still don’t understand it but I’m stuck picking up the pieces, trying to find a medical team that will follow me.

This wasn’t a blog meant to complain. I just wanted to explain my prolonged silence. But I also want to say this: Yes, the past months have been so incredibly difficult.

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