Spread the Purple

For a long time I was really quiet about my illness. I considered starting a blog to spread awareness because I didn’t want to be identified with IBD. As the years have gone by, my view on this has slowly shifted, as I’m sure most of my Facebook friends have noticed. But, today I’ve decided that this isn’t something I should hide and be ashamed of. It isn’t something that should be politely sprinkled into occasional conversations. It exists and people should know.

The ALS challenge was a large part in my decision to take advantage of my (limited) online social presence to spread awareness. I was really inspired to see how quickly the movement spread and I realized that it took many brave souls to put this in motion. There is a reason that people fight for awareness. Without awareness there is no progress and the IBD world demands progress.

It’s time that this life-altering disease become a disease known by name. No longer should nurses and un-specialized doctors confuse it with IBS. I refuse to have to educate the educated when I go to the emergency room. And I refuse to hide it from those who know me.

So, here it is. I’ve attempted to start a blog 3 times. This time will stick and all of my FB friends will know what IBD is.

Let’s color this place purple.